Project – Seapoint. This seafront Victorian villa in Ireland combines historic detailing with contemporary design, the ensemble tied together with Prime Oak chevron flooring in our Canvas CN1 finish. Explore.

Trunk Virtual Appointment – Trunk’s free online virtual appointment with one of our material specialists offers you the opportunity to book an appointment and discuss your project ideas with us, making a first sketch of your vision together.

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Project – Barnes, Town House. A fine historic town house favours simplicity in a natural material palette with laid oak plank, finished in Canvas CN4 throughout. Explore.

Tailored – At Trunk Floor our ethos is very simple, we prepare and treat pure, raw materials to give them a new life within your home. Our work pays tribute to the elemental nature of noble Oak and solid Stone. Explore Tailored.

Store – Following our launch in the USA in 2016 we have completed a small concept store in Menlo, California.
We specialise in natural wood and stone flooring, book a material consultation to explore our range of products. Further details.

Ours is a generational business based in Ireland, with expertise honed over decades. We are artisanal in our approach but manufacturers in scale. Explore our roots.

Store – Our recently completed store in Rathgar, Dublin showcases a wide variety of Trunk’s specialist natural material’s with a broad range of finishes and formats. Please do come visit us at 154 Rathgar Road, Dublin 6. Further details.

Project – Lowry, Country House. A thoughtfully restored country house uses a singular oak finish of Provence PN3 across the home, while a few carefully chosen formats are used to differentiate the areas. Explore.